N. NetDot Massage Gun - Blue (Professional)

NetDot Massage Gun,Professional Deep Tissue Percussion Muscle Massager with Touch Screen for Gym Office Home Post-Workout Recovery and Relaxation - Blue

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United States/ Germany/ Italy/ France/ Spain

  • Touch Screen and Strong Power: Advanced touch screen,swipe up and down to comfortable speed level more conveniently,smart pressure display,Stronger power.
  • For Office Workers: Suitable for people who work long time sitting at desk, relax the tension and pain of neck,shoulder,back and waist. Keep you energetic anytime.
  • For Sports Fans: Relieve muscle soreness after workouts, sports activities, hard labor work, recover faster and do exercises more scientifically.
  • For Old People: Loose up tight muscles for elders, relieve their pain and ache, smooth neck,shoulder,back,waist,arms,legs and feet etc. Sleep better at night.
  • What You Get: Advanced high quality massage gun, Perfect Gifts for friends and families. Friendly customer services and one year warranty.


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